Are you considering a journey from Nigeria to Canada? Whether for holidays, study, or seeking new opportunities, understanding the costs involved is crucial. In this guide, we’ll break down the expenses associated with traveling from Nigeria to Canada in March 2024.

Cost of Getting a Canadian Visa:

Before embarking on your journey, obtaining a Canadian visa is essential. Fortunately, the process is manageable once you grasp the requirements. Visa application fees vary depending on the type of visa you’re applying for. Here’s a breakdown of the costs in both Canadian Dollars and Nigerian Naira:
– Biometric (Family): CAN$170 (N26,400)
– Biometric (Individual): CAN$85 (N13,200)
– Family rate: CAN$500 (N78,000)
– Individual visa: CAN$100 (N15,600)
– Study permit: CAN$150 (N23,400)
– Work permit: CAN$155 (N24,200)
It’s worth noting that these fees are non-refundable, regardless of whether your application is successful.

Cost of Flights to Canada:

Flight expenses constitute a significant portion of your travel budget. Various airlines operate flights from Nigeria to Canada, offering different price points. Here’s a snapshot of the latest prices from selected carriers:
– British Airways: $1410 from Lagos to Toronto
– Egypt Air: $1236 from Lagos to Toronto
– KLM: $1477 from Lagos to Toronto
– Turkish Air: $1410 from Lagos to Toronto
– Lufthansa: $1236 from Lagos to Toronto
– Delta Airways: $1658 from Lagos to Vancouver
– Brussels Air: $1432 from Lagos to Halifax
– Air France: $1468 from Lagos to Toronto
– Qatar Airways: $902 from Lagos to Montreal
It’s important to check for updated prices and availability directly from the airlines’ official websites or through their contact details provided.

Factors Influencing Flight Costs:

Understanding the dynamics affecting flight prices can help you make informed decisions. Several factors contribute to fluctuations in airfares:
– Seasonality: Peak travel seasons often coincide with higher ticket prices.
– Oil Prices: Fuel costs directly impact airlines’ operational expenses and, consequently, ticket prices.
– Demand: Increased demand for flights to specific destinations, such as Canada, can drive up ticket prices.
– Timing: Booking flights in advance or during off-peak periods can result in lower fares.


Planning your journey from Nigeria to Canada involves careful consideration of visa expenses and flight costs. By understanding these financial aspects and the factors influencing them, you can budget effectively and make cost-conscious decisions. Whether you’re traveling for leisure, education, or work, being prepared financially is key to a smooth and enjoyable trip. Safe travels!

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