The United States of America remains a top destination for many Nigerians, whether for study, work, tourism, or other purposes. Planning a trip to the USA entails understanding the associated costs, including flight expenses and visa fees. In this guide, we’ll delve into the details of traveling from Nigeria to the USA in March 2024, covering flight options, visa types, and application procedures.

Cost of Flights to the USA from Nigeria:

When considering a journey to the USA from Nigeria, one of the primary expenses to factor in is the cost of flights. Various airlines operate flights on this route, each offering different price ranges and services. Here’s a breakdown of the estimated costs for flights to the USA from Nigeria with selected carriers:
– Royal Air Maroc: Economy ticket – N550,000 to N700,000; Business class – N800,000 to N1 million
– Qatar Airways: Economy ticket – N700,000 to N880,000; Business class – N1 million to N1.38 million
– Ethiopian Airlines: Economy ticket – N1 million to N1.2 million
– KLM: Economy ticket – N900,000 to N1.1 million; Business class – N1 million to N1.5 million
– Air France: Economy ticket – N800,000 to N1.1 million; Business class – N1.3 million to N1.75 million
– British Airways: Economy ticket – N900,000 to N1 million; Business class – N800,000 to N2 million
– Delta Air Lines: Economy ticket – N500,000 to N700,000; Business class – N1 million to N2 million
It’s advisable to check for updated prices and availability directly from the airlines’ official channels.

Types and Costs of USA Visas in Nigeria:

Obtaining a visa is a mandatory step for traveling from Nigeria to the USA, irrespective of the purpose of your trip. The USA offers various visa categories, each with its own application process and fee structure. Here’s an overview of some common visa types and their associated fees in both USD and NGN:
– Business/Tourist (B): $160 (N72,000)
– Student (academic) (F): $160 (N72,000)
– Temporary/Seasonal Workers (H): $190 (N85,500)
– Fiancé(e) or Spouse of U.S. Citizen (K): $265 (N119,250)
– Treaty Trader/Investor (E): $205 (N92,250)
– Journalist and Media (I): $160 (N72,000)
– Exchange Visitor (J): $160 (N72,000)
– Intracompany Transferees (L): $190 (N85,500)
– Victims of Human Trafficking (T): $160 (N72,000)
– Victims of Criminal Activity (U): $160 (N72,000)
Additional fees, such as SEVIS fees and Blanket L fees, may apply depending on the visa type.

How to Apply for a USA Visa in Nigeria:

The visa application process for traveling to the USA from Nigeria involves several steps:
1. Determine the type of visa you need.
2. Pay the visa application fee.
3. Complete the DS-160 form accurately.
4. Schedule your visa interview appointment and attend it.
5. Await the processing of your visa application.
If approved, you’ll receive your visa document at the designated drop-off location.


Understanding the costs and procedures involved in traveling from Nigeria to the USA is essential for effective trip planning. By considering flight expenses, visa fees, and application requirements, you can budget accordingly and ensure a smooth travel experience. Whether you’re heading to the USA for business, education, or leisure, thorough preparation is key to a successful journey.

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