Planning a trip to China from Nigeria involves careful consideration of various factors, with flight booking being one of the most crucial aspects. Whether you’re traveling for business, leisure, or other purposes, understanding the prices of flight tickets and the booking process is essential. In this guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about booking flights from Nigeria to China in 2024.

Booking Flights from Nigeria to China:

Booking a flight from Nigeria to China has become more convenient with the advancement of technology. Gone are the days when you had to visit travel agencies or embassies to book tickets. Nowadays, you can easily book your flight online from the comfort of your home using a computer or mobile device. With numerous airlines operating on this route, it’s advisable to compare prices and packages to secure the best deal.

Factors Affecting Flight Prices:

Several factors influence the prices of flight tickets from Nigeria to China. These include:
– Date of booking and travel: Prices can vary significantly depending on when you book your ticket and the day of the week you plan to travel.
– Stopovers and duration: Most flights from Nigeria to China involve stopovers, which can affect ticket prices. The number and duration of stopovers play a role in determining the overall cost.
– Type of ticket: One-way tickets are generally more expensive than return tickets, as passengers are expected to return to Nigeria at some point.
– Seasonality: Airfares may be higher during peak travel seasons or holidays.
– Airline and class: Different airlines offer varying price ranges for economy and business class tickets.

Prices of Flights from Nigeria to China:

Here’s an overview of estimated flight ticket prices from Nigeria to China with selected airlines:
– Etihad Airways: Economy – N600,000 to N900,000; Business class – N1,100,000 to N1,300,000
– Qatar Airways: Economy – N650,000 to N950,000; Business class – N1,400,000 to N1,700,000
– KLM Royal Dutch Airlines: Economy – N750,000 to N1,400,000; Business class – N1,600,000 to N2,300,000
– Emirates Airlines: Economy – N700,000 to N900,000; Business class – N1,200,000 to N2,000,000
– Ethiopian Air: Economy – N700,000 to N900,000; Business class – N1,500,000 to N2,000,000
– Air France: Economy – N1,000,000 to N1,500,000; Business class – N1,500,000 to N1,950,000
– Turkish Airways: Economy – N700,000 to N1,000,000
– Lufthansa: Economy – N950,000 to N1,400,000

Please note that these prices are subject to change and may vary based on factors such as availability, booking time, and currency fluctuations.

Flight Duration from Nigeria to China:

While the flight duration from Nigeria to China varies depending on the route and airline, the average travel time is approximately 12 hours and 56 minutes. This includes take-off, landing, and possible stopovers along the way.

Top Places to Visit in China:

China offers a wealth of attractions for tourists. Some must-visit places include:
– Shanghai
– Hong Kong
– Xi’an
– Lhasa
– Great Wall of China
– Beijing

Tips for Finding Cheap Flights:

If you’re looking to save money on your flight from Nigeria to China, consider these tips:
– Use flight comparison websites to compare prices and find the best deals.
– Look out for promotional offers and discounts from airlines.
– Be flexible with your travel dates to find cheaper fares.


Booking flights from Nigeria to China requires careful planning and consideration of various factors. By understanding the pricing dynamics, comparing options, and utilizing money-saving strategies, you can secure the best possible deal for your trip. Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, a well-planned journey ensures a smooth and enjoyable travel experience.

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