Federal Polytechnic, Ede (FPE) in Osun State, Nigeria, offers quality education at affordable rates. Established in 1974, FPE provides various programs at the National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND) levels, catering to both full-time and part-time students.

Affordable School Fees:

FPE stands out for its reasonable school fees, particularly advantageous for Osun State indigenes. For the 2023/2024 academic session, the school fees vary based on the program of study. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Engineering Technology:

    • Indigene: N88,600
    • Non-Indigene: N114,800
  • Science and Technology:

    • Indigene: N72,100
    • Non-Indigene: N97,100
  • Business Management and Technology:

    • Indigene: N67,600
    • Non-Indigene: N92,600

Additional Fees:

Apart from tuition, students need to consider additional fees, including acceptance fee, medical fee, student union fee, sports fee, examination fee, library fee, and development fee.

Total School Fees:

Considering all additional fees, the total school fees for the 2023/2024 academic session at FPE are:

  • Engineering Technology:

    • Indigene: N104,400
    • Non-Indigene: N125,600
  • Science and Technology:

    • Indigene: N83,900
    • Non-Indigene: N103,900
  • Business Management and Technology:

    • Indigene: N78,400
    • Non-Indigene: N104,400

Payment Methods:

FPE offers convenient payment methods, allowing students to pay fees online or at designated bank branches.

Benefits of Studying at FPE:

Studying at FPE comes with several advantages:

  • Affordable tuition fees compared to other institutions
  • High-quality education facilitated by experienced and qualified lecturers
  • Access to modern facilities and equipment conducive to learning
  • Diverse range of programs catering to various interests and career paths
  • Opportunities for scholarships and financial assistance


Federal Polytechnic, Ede, stands as an excellent choice for students seeking quality education without the burden of exorbitant fees. With its commitment to affordability, excellence, and student support, FPE continues to attract aspiring individuals from across Nigeria.

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