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Drama. Independence. Violence. Tosh; The Best League in the World is Back (10km Offside)


Despite what others might tell you – the SuperSport ads, the buzz words, the grandeur and marketing, or Charlie Austin’s rant last November – the Premier League is not the best league in the world. Not even close. Its sense of predictability has become tedious, money has littered itself over the game, and, of course, VhAR. There are other divisions out there which are much better, like the English Championship, or League Two. Yet, none of them are the best in the world. Yes, even Johnny Nicholson is wrong sometimes.

Step forward, the Nigerian Professional Football League; a league so intriguing that by the time you read this, the kick-off date might have been pushed back again. It was meant to start in November, they said. Then it was September. Then they guaranteed us it would be October. And then they swore it would be… November again. So, it’s guaranteed that the league will start this weekend. Unless it’s pushed back again, then we guarantee it will definitely kick-off on that new date.

But this is just part of the swagger and pizzazz of the greatest league in the world. The eternal sense of uncertainty, and unpredictability. Unlike the top-five leagues in Europe, in which the same sides will retain their titles in ultimately underwhelming fashion, the NPFL is different. The team who finished top the previous season could get relegated the next. A team who finished 16th previously could find itself gunning for the title. Sometimes, it can even end in the middle of the season, or after five games, and a winner would be declared. You never know what’s coming. That’s what makes it the best.

Another thing that marks the NPFL out from many others is the action. So much of modern football seems to have too many thinking about things – tactics, low-blocks, transitions, etc etc. The NPFL, however, is about doing. Who cares about tactics? What roles? The enganche? Wetin be dat one? Ball-playing centre-back? What does that mean?

That sort of nonsense doesn’t happen here. Just get on the pitch, boys, and play. Line up in a few positions, and start kicking the football. Remember how you did it yesterday. Don’t worry, a goal will come, it will end in a 1-1 draw, and the manager will thank God that at least it wasn’t a defeat.

Also, unlike other leagues, NPFL is not money-centric. Money hasn’t clogged our football here. The beautiful game shouldn’t be accounting. So, let’s make zero money, and not pay the players. You can’t hassle over money if there isn’t any.

We can’t succumb to the pressures of those mendacious broadcasters because there are none to broadcast the league. Instead, we retain our integrity and dignity to provide you dramatic haphazardness, refereeing incompetence, utter violence, and a whole lot in-between. It’s beautiful chaos, terrific nonsense, sad and funny in equal measure.

So, sit back, relax, and drink it in. There won’t be VAR, because we like how football pure (and also some Saudi division stole our content about unplugging VAR to charge phones). Heck, we probably won’t even follow IFAB’s newly-added rules – we barely follow the old ones. That’s just how it is. It’s the best league in the world, baby!!

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