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Diego Simeone: I never taught him balls-grabbing, father

Diego Simeone grabbing crotch

Diego Simeone ‘s father reacted after seeing his son grabbing his balls.

Carlos Simeone, the father of Diego Simeone revealed he was stunned seeing his son grabbing his balls in the game against Juventus on Wednesday

Atletico Madrid stunned the Serie A Champions with two goals in five minutes in the final stages of the game – with Jose Gimenez’s goal in the 78th minute aggravating Simeone’ wild balls-grabbing celebration.

With Diego Simeone coach under heavy criticism for a behavior many has described “shameful,” his father revealed he was stunned as well and distanced himself for teaching his son anything related to such behaviour.

“I didn’t teach him that, I don’t know where it came from,” Carlos Simeone, as quoted by Marca.

“It surprised me because I thought that kind of thing was from another time.

Meanwhile, in defense of his son, Carlos posited the wild celebration was only used as a catharsis for strange feelings.

He added, “But it was a build-up of strange feelings and nothing more. I hope they don’t punish him for it as it was done at his own stands and his own fans.

“It was a very interesting game, although the tie isn’t over, not at all.”

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