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Messi like Federer, Ronaldo like Nadal – Cassano

Antonio Cassano likens Messi and Ronaldo to Tennis greats

The 36-year old Italian striker has drawn comparison likened the talents of the Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo to that of two tennis greats – Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

Both Messi and Ronaldo have won the Ballon d’or award on five occasions each – the highest of any footballer.

Antonio Cassano believes Messi’s talents can be likened to that of Roger Federer, and new Juventus player, Ronaldo is similar to Rafael Nadal.

Cassano, who said he preferred Messi over Ronaldo, admitted that his position was still subject to debate.

I love Messi not as a counter-point to Cristiano, but because in my view he’s the best of all time and the emotions he gives me are unique,” Cassano, as quoted by AS.

“If I have to rationalise it or convince you, I ask you to find me someone else who handles the ball and scores so consistently as Messi.

Cristiano lacks nothing, let’s be clear, but that’s not the point. I love tennis. Now, Cristiano is like Nadal, a fantastic athlete built on talent, but also hard work and desire.

Messi is more like Federer. He is pure artistry and class. They are different, and you can prefer one to the other. I am with Messi, as he can make the difference even when standing still, he almost doesn’t need physical fitness.”

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Ronaldo, last week, ended his nine years association with Real Madrid to join Italian giant Juventus in a deal said to be around €100m.

Cassano, who plied his trade for Madrid from 2006-08, believed the Los Blancos will surely survive without the services of their all-time scorer.

“He has these gifts from Mother Nature, but above all his mentality, the consistency of his training, his professionalism – all the things I hated,” Cassano said.

“I admire him a great deal for his ability to always be focused. He’ll remain in history forever as one of the greats and he deserved this success, because he earned it through talent, but above all through hard work.

“I was fortunate enough to play for Real Madrid when it was the team of the Galacticos. I know how it works there.

Real is bigger than any one champion, even one who scored 450 goals, so I’m not surprised the sold him. They did without

David Beckham, Ronaldo and Raul, so they can survive without him.” He added.

The former Sampdoria striker explained further, “Cristiano will have a wonderful new experience, Juve will pay him a rich salary, but are still happy because €100m for a player like that is a bargain

“He is 33 years old according to his birth certificate, but he looks after his physique so carefully it’s almost maniacal. With the level of this Serie A, he can score 30-40 goals per season for a long while yet.”




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