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Moses will represent Nigeria at 2022 World Cup – Odegbami

Victor Moses

Victor Moses might represent Nigeria in Qatar, says Odegbami

Victor Moses, shocked Nigerians when he abruptly announced his retirement from international football.

The 27-year-old, who scored 12 goals in 37 appearances for Nigeria was said to be unhappy at the last World Cup and had told his teammates of his plans to end his international engagement.

Though Moses cited focusing on his club football was the reason for calling the shots, Segun Odegbami said the enormous task attached to be the next captain of the Super Eagles was why Moses retired from international football.

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The ex-international wrote on CompleteSports that the scrutiny, heinous responsibility and a possible infringement that might come along Moses being the new face of Nigerian football might have been the reason the Chelsea player decided to face his club football.

He wrote: “He is 27 years old. Under normal circumstances, no player voluntarily retires from international football at an age that he is at his very best – experienced, mature, exposed, comfortable and at the peak of his physical fitness. So, to retire at 27 means something is not right somewhere.”

The mathematician has fondly called continued: “Moses may be afraid of the enormity of the weight of responsibility he has to carry should he be its captain. It may take a psychoanalysis of his situation to understand his motivation for announcing his retirement from the national team this week.

“In the line of hierarchical succession Victor Moses should naturally become the Super Eagles’next captain and the heart of a new assembly of players that shall emerge from the debris of the 2018 World Cup campaign.

“Victor Moses has always been on the quiet side, hardly speaking to the press, hardly seen in public places outside the field of play, especially in Nigeria.

“Whenever he comes to Nigeria he stays away from the limelight of the media. He never stays in the country for long, breezing in at the last minute before matches and heading out with the earliest flight available.

“For some reason, Victor Moses always carefully selected his appearances for the national team. He also avoided interviews about his personal life like a plague, feeling more comfortable playing, living and identifying with his foreign clubs in Europe.

“Now, fate has brought him closest to Nigeria. He is in the hierarchical line to become the next captain that a new Super Eagles assembly needs.

Ahead of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, Odegbami believes Moses Moses would come out of retirement to represent Nigeria, so long a new captain has been named for the team.

“…Finally, I believe that this retirement is temporary, all things considered.

“We shall soon see him (Moses) again in a new Super Eagles assembly that will take the country to Qatar 2022.

“The big deal will be that Victor Moses will not be its captain!” Odegbami concluded.

This story was originally published on August 20, 2018

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