Well, this is awkward. Picture this as a relationship: with the World Cup going on in Russia, Spotkick was too busy with international football, ignoring the side-glances and skirt-hitching of club football, ain’t nobody got time for that. Now, the World Cup is over, routine duty is about to resume, club football is popular again, and we are feeling remorseful after our earlier…what’s that word…shakara. So, how we do convince club football that it has always been in our hearts? We tried meeting it in a public place and expressing our affection; it didn’t work. We tried carrying a music box over our head, playing Whitney Houston’s ‘I will always love you’ right outside its window; still nothing. Well, we’re trying something different once more; this time we are going through its powerful friend; the great Transfer Window. That’s right, the transfer window has been open for a while, big-name moves have already occurred, players have said emotional goodbyes, while some have moved to South-East Asia, but this hadn’t really seen the limelight due to the World Cup. That distraction is over now, and with the Premier League window closing before the season begins, you might see a lot of these terms between the next three weeks:


Okay, this is routine, but still. Either a club has opened talks with a key player to extend his contract which expires in less than 12 months, or has opened talks to sign a player from somewhere else. Sometimes it’s even ‘Club X has opened an X bid for player X’, like it’s an auction.


Now we’re getting to the good stuff. You see this when a team supposedly makes a surprise bid for a player, probably playing on the potential tension between him and his current side; or when an expected transfer between a club and player falls through, another team could ‘swoop’ in.


Not many things wreak of uncertainty, yet piques our interest, like the term ‘keen’. Player is ‘keen’ on a move, a club is ‘keen’ on a move, or sometimes a player of a club is ‘keen’ on being club-mates with another player. Another term for ‘keen’ might be strongly interested; use that sometimes.


Raid. This infernal term is used when one club is reportedly interested in more than one player of another club. Like saying Liverpool will raid Southampton for Players A, B and C…actually they could.

Crunch Talks:

This is a Sky Sports classic, and it’s mostly used for managers. Sometimes, when you see rumours of your favourite team about to hold crunch talks with the manager, you should probably yourself for a new one. Other times, it’s just a load of nonsense.


Thanks to Bleacher Report, we can paint a picture of this. A player is generally the tag-bearer in a tug-of-war, between his current club and his supposed suitors. On guard, and pull.


Really? Hijack? Like a club stealing a march on another to sign a player. To paint a scenario using NBC’s The Blacklist: Picture Samar Navabi in Naples, ‘accidentally bumping’ into Jorginho, who is then stunned with a taser by Donald Ressler and taken away in a van. Then in an abandoned warehouse Raymond Reddington comes along and strong-arms Jorginho into choosing Chelsea over Manchester City. Efficient. 

Renewing Interest:

Oh really? Like there’s a date when your interest in a player expires, and you have to renew to keep being interested?


Poised to join… Oh dear, this one’s annoying. That means a certain player is supposedly set to join a club at last. Or not. You transfer lot are full of lies.

Played Down:

This means to refute talk of a supposed transfer, either by a player, or a club. Then the transfer usually happens. Typical.


Surely with this, we’ve been able to get back into club football’s good books. Feel free to contribute with transfer clichés of your own. Is it August already?

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The Gabonese international has officially told Borrusia Dortmund he wants a move away from the club as he has officially handed a transfer request, Marca reported.

According to Mirror, the striker has agreed personal terms with Arsenal leaving Arsenal and Dortmund to strike a deal between each other.

The striker was said to have asked to leave the club on two different occasions and according to various English dailies, the former Saint-Etienne player was said to have scheduled a showdown discussion with Borussia Dortmund’s management for today.

Aubameyang, who has scored 21 goals in 23 games for Dortmund in all competitions this season was dropped from the squad 0-0 draw with Wolfsburg after missing a team meeting the previous day.

And with Sanchez set for a move away from the club this January, Aubameyang has been touted as a possible replacement for the forward.

According to ‘Bild’, Dortmund have set a price tag of €70m for the striker and Arsenal are already preparing to launch a bid.

Reports also have it that Oliver Giroud might be included in the deal that would see Aubameyang move to the North London Club.

And has any Arsenal fan forgotten the likes of Higuain, Suarez, Rooney,…… joining Arsenal?

If not, happy are they that are not expecting too much for they shall not be disappointed.


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