Leicester winger Riyad Mahrez is reportedly hell-bent on not returning with his teammates after Saturday’s game away at Manchester City.

Mahrez was subject of a failed deadline day bid from Man City, and hasn’t appeared for Leicester since, although he returned to training this week, and might travel with the team to the Etihad stadium. A source inside the Foxes camp, however, has revealed that Mahrez plans to not return after the game, but instead stay with the Man City squad from then on.

‘Arriving on the training ground, I saw Riyad rather hastily and suspiciously clearing out his entire belongings at the ground’ the source said. ‘I asked him why he had so much luggage, but he said it was simply for the trip to the Etihad, I wanted to ask for more information but he hurriedly left, humming some Man City chants as he was departing’

Leicester manager Claude Puel has refused to comment on this latest development, even though he hinted that he might have spotted Mahrez with a Leroy Sane mask and blueprints of Sane’s house, as well as excessive information on FC Basel, whom Manchester City play in midweek.

His Leicester teammate Danny Simpson, has also aired some suspicions about Mahrez as well. ‘I might have sneaked a look at his music playlist in training today, they seemed to be filled with goodbye songs, and Riyad was muttering something about how he might miss this place’.

**This news piece is obviously, undoubtedly and equivocally not real, goes without saying

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