The former Manchester United and England striker has described Ruud Van Nistelrooy as the best finisher he had seen in the Premier League and chose Argentine international, Carlos Tevez as his favourite strike partner.

Wayne Rooney played with Van Nistelrooy for two seasons (2004 – 2006) with the former Netherland international recording 95 Premier League goals in 150 appearances – he also played alongside his ‘favourite’ from 2007-2009 with the two {Rooney and Tevez} sharing over 40 goals between each other in the League from 2007-2009.

Rooney alongside Ruud Van Nistelrooy
Rooney alongside Ruud Van Nistelrooy


Rooney with Carlos Tevez
Rooney with Carlos Tevez


Speaking on Monday Night Football, Rooney, who was not short of quality strikers In his 13-year stints at Old Trafford – as he played alongside the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Louis Saha, Dimitri Berbatov, Robin Van Persie to mention a few, described Ruud Van Nistel Rooy as the best finisher he had seen in the Premier League and said Carlos Tevez was his favourite strike-partner.

“We suited each other’s {himself and Tevez} games.

“We worked off each other. It must have been horrible for defenders to have faced us, because we were just in their faces.

“When he signed, there was talk we wouldn’t have been able to play together, but we hit it off,” Rooney, who adds that Nistelrooy is the best finisher he has seen in the EPL said on MNF.

“Ruud Van Nistelrooy was the best finisher I have seen in the Premier League. Even if we won by four or five goals, he would just sit there on his own, gutted. He was fantastic.

The United great also picked the overhead kick against rival Manchester City at Old Trafford as the best goal of his career.

Rooney with the overhead kick goal that condemned City to a 2-1 defeat at Old Trafford in 2011
Rooney with the overhead kick goal that condemned City to a 2-1 defeat at Old Trafford in 2011


“The size of the game, City were going for the league it was one of the worst games I have played to be fair.

“The ball takes a bit of deflection, I have realised I was a bit of a space and tried it, and normally I might miss that, but caught it perfectly. It was surreal after I scored.

“In the dressing room after the game, all the staff were in shock. To be honest, I am sick of it.

“The amount of people who come up to me and talk about it. Still it is rightly the best,” Rooney submitted.

The England and Manchester United ended his 13-year-old association with Manchester United after he was allowed to join boyhood club Everton in the summer for free.

He has registered 10 goals in 20 appearances in the league this season but was good only for the substitute in Everton’s 5-1 loss in the hands of Arsenal last Saturday.



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Ferdinand backs Lukaku after an absymal display against City on Sunday

The Belgian forward was again at the centre of criticism after an abysmal outing against Manchester City on Sunday but Ferdnand believes the way United was set up made the day difficult for Romelu Lukaku.

Lukaku has been criticised by fans for his underwhelming returns in front of goal for the Reds of late and some sections of the United fans have called manager Jose Mourinho to drop the Belgian forward from the starting 11.

Last month, in defense of Lukaku’s shambolic performance that has saw him netting just once in 11 games (now 12), Mourinho jokingly said the striker needed a change of boots to get back to his scoring form.

On Sunday, the striker was involved in the two goals the Reds conceded to their rival Man City, and also missed a glorious chance to ensure the two sides share the spoils.

Rio Ferdinand took to Twitter @rioferdy5 to defend Lukaku’s bad outing against City on Sunday-saying Mourinho’s tactics on Sunday was the reason why Lukaku fared badly in the derby loss.

According to the former Manchester United defender, no striker would fared well the way Manchester United played on Sunday.

Ferdinand wrote on Twitter @rioferdy5: “Not a good day for Rom…. Involved in 2 goals conceded n (and) misses a chance he should score….

“The way UTD played 2day (today and referring to Sunday) makes it difficult for any striker up there.

 “Needs runners closer to him to see any joy. #MCFC suffocated #mufc today (Sunday) put into a sleeper hold from minute 1.”



LVG - United More Boring under Mourinho


Louis Van Gael has said that Manchester United under Mourinho were more boring than they were under him.

The Dutch man was heavily condemned when he was at the helm of affairs at Old Trafford for his negative approach but LVG has claimed English people were alien to his style of play.

“If you ask me how did I do at United, I will say it was my best year ever, given the circumstances I was working under, LVG, as quoted by goal.

 “We played football that was quite alright. But it's not football that is appreciated in England. 

“And yet, right now, looking at United, I have to conclude Mourinho is not being criticized while it's far more boring football
“What United produce now is defensive football.

“I always played attacking football. The proof is that the opposition were always parking the bus.

“They don’t do that now because Jose Mourinho plays so defensive


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