The Spaniard has lost his first two competitive games as an Arsenal manager – the recent a 3-2 loss away from home to Chelsea.

While Unai Emery’s loses has not been much of a news, his style of wanting to play from the back has met so many scrutiny.

Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher is the latest big name to criticise Emery for his style, and he said on Monday Night Football that the former PSG boss changed some of his approaches.

“I think the manager has to adapt,” Carragher said. “Not throw away all his principles, but defend a little bit deeper.

“Has he got the players to press from the front? He hasn't got the pace at the back. Has he got a goalkeeper who can play out? I just think that to get through to January he has to adapt.”

In defence of Emery’s approach, Gary Neville told Carragher that “it's ignorant to suggest he has to adapt.”

Neville, a former Valencia manager said Emery was a successful manager and that he must maintained his approach that had brought his so many accolades in the past years.

“I think it's ignorant to suggest he has to adapt,” The former United defender said.

“No. He has had six weeks to work. Unai Emery has been a coach for 10 years and has been successful. He has his idea and the players have to adapt to him.

“He has to find out over this first season which players can adapt to him and which players can't. Of course he will lose games. In the first season there will be some pain for Arsenal in this transition they are going through. I think it's dangerous to adapt.

“I know this from my biggest learning in Valencia. I set off on a path of what I was going to do and didn't get results. The minute I started to adapt and take people away from my idea and do things different, I threw away the previous three or four weeks of work I'd done.

“If he starts to work on one idea of playing out from the back, but then says knock it long, you start to get confusion in players' minds.”

After the 2-0 defeat Arsenal suffered to Man City, Sam Allardyce was one of the very first name that came out to criticise Emery.

Allardyce said only the best teams were allowed to play the way Emery was setting his team, and Neville has threw a jibe at the former England manager, saying Emery’s task is not to save a team from relegation battle – something Allardyce is known with.

“I saw Sam Allardyce's comments on the radio, but Unai Emery is not trying to get eight points from five games to avoid relegation.

“He's trying to build a team to win the title. The last thing he should do, in my experience, which was a bad one, is change and adapt because his players will walk all over him.” Neville said.



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Garry Neville believes Antonio Conte will not be the one in Chelsea’s dugout next season, saying The Blues thrives on short-termism.

The last year’s league champions are currently sitting fifth on the league standing, with the hope of Champions League football next season out of sight as they are eight points behind fourth place, Spurs.

The Italian and former Juventus boss has been vocal – hitting out at Chelsea board regularly over their transfer dealings.

But Neville has said while he would have love to see Conte in the league next season, he believed the Italian would quit his job at Chelsea at the end of the season.

Neville as quoted by Skysports, “I don’t think he’s going to be here next season. We’ve thought it for six or seven months.

“And that’s not because we don’t want him here, or we don’t think he’s done great job, it’s just the nature of the job here. It’s such that when you have a season slightly worse than before you go.

“It ends up becoming a bitty, press conferences become the boardroom versus the manager, it’s happened here many, many times.

“It has been a successful club over 10 or so years, but in the second seasons, it’s never been great. In terms of the outcome, you can’t complain about what they’ve here. But the managers who come here know they’ve got a short period of time.”

The former United captain adds that though he believes Conte is a good manager, his regular complaints over transfer dealings are unfounded.

He said managers saw complaining about transfer dealings as the perfect excuse when their clubs are not doing well.










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With City having over seven first team players ruled out for the 1-1 draw against Burnley last Saturday, Guardiola named only six players on the substitute bench for the game - and that made Garry Neville to refer to the City boss as a ‘joke.’

Though the City U-23 team had a match on Friday night, the former United defender argued that Guardiola should have featured a youth team player on the bench on Saturday.

Neville claimed the academy manager would have felt he was wasting his time at the club.

And at his pre-match conference for the tie against Leicester City, Guardiola said he chose not to name an academy player as his seventh substitute at the Turf Moor because City Under-23 had a game the previous night and he never wanted to upset their plans.

Guardiola said Neville should know about his decision because he was a manager for “a short time”, a reference to Neville’s four months spell at Valencia.

Guardiola said: “This guy {Neville}, the pundit, he has to know my job is serious, it’s not a joke, never is it a joke.

“It’s so serious, and he should know that because he was a manager for a short time.”

Neville has been at the centre of some funny commentaries recently – the 42-year-old last week also said that Karius was at fault as the Liverpool keeper should have done more to save the Wanyama’s strike in Liverpool 2-2 draw at Anfield last Sunday

But what a clap back from Pep! How that lasts is left to be seen.

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