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Premier League foreign managers

Premier League: The Foreigner’s Guide to being the Enemy

Don’t wear suits. Rest players in cups. Play out from the back. You’re the enemy, Johnny Foreigner

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Premier League 2019/20

Spotkick’s Pseudo-guide to the 2019/20 Premier League – Part 2 (10km Offside)

From the champions who will score a lot of tap-ins, to a team in gold managed by Nathan Redmond 2.0, here’s Part Two of our Premier League guide

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Premier League 2019/20

Spotkick’s Pseudo-guide to the 2019/20 Premier League: Part 1 (10km Offside)

From Arsenal’s manager who may be a vampire, to Liverpool who will get knocked out early in a cup, here’s Part One of our Premier League season guide

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Luis Figo

Luis… 500? If only Figo knew he’s a Naira note in Nigeria

From Luis Figo as N500 to Cristiano Ronaldo as groundnut oil, here are five players re-christened by Nigerians

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Spotkick’s Alternative Awards of the Month: April

Our award winners in April include Glenn Murray, Marcelo Bielsa, Dimitar Evtimov, Atalanta, and Kayode Julius among others

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Premier League - Game of Thrones

(10km Offside) What happens if Premier League managers lead the Defence of Winterfell?

***The following could have spoilers for Game of Thrones (Something probably no football website has ever said, and should ever say)

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Spotkick’s Alternative Awards of the Month: March

From Neil Warnock, and Huub Stevens, all through to Paul Scholes and Genki Haraguchi, here are our award winners from March

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West Ham 4-3 Huddersfield

(10km Offside) Huddersfield glad to Avoid Winning at West Ham

The Terriers spoke of their relief at getting a dramatic defeat at the London stadium

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Zinedine Zidane - Real Madrid

10km Offside: Real Madrid Inexplicably back in the Champions League after Zidane re-appointment

The European champions, were knocked out of this season’s competition by Ajax, but have been reinstated following Zizou’s return

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It was a culture shock in China, says Mikel

China will struggle to have a top league, Mikel

Professionalism, culture, language make the Chinese Super league far from being a top one The former Chelsea midfielder said he witnessed ‘culture shock’ during his two years stint in the…

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