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Luis Figo

Luis… 500? If only Figo knew he’s a Naira note in Nigeria

From Luis Figo as N500 to Cristiano Ronaldo as groundnut oil, here are five players re-christened by Nigerians

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Spotkick’s Alternative Awards of the Month: April

Our award winners in April include Glenn Murray, Marcelo Bielsa, Dimitar Evtimov, Atalanta, and Kayode Julius among others

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Premier League - Game of Thrones

(10km Offside) What happens if Premier League managers lead the Defence of Winterfell?

***The following could have spoilers for Game of Thrones (Something probably no football website has ever said, and should ever say)

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Spotkick’s Alternative Awards of the Month: March

From Neil Warnock, and Huub Stevens, all through to Paul Scholes and Genki Haraguchi, here are our award winners from March

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West Ham 4-3 Huddersfield

(10km Offside) Huddersfield glad to Avoid Winning at West Ham

The Terriers spoke of their relief at getting a dramatic defeat at the London stadium

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Zinedine Zidane - Real Madrid

10km Offside: Real Madrid Inexplicably back in the Champions League after Zidane re-appointment

The European champions, were knocked out of this season’s competition by Ajax, but have been reinstated following Zizou’s return

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It was a culture shock in China, says Mikel

China will struggle to have a top league, Mikel

Professionalism, culture, language make the Chinese Super league far from being a top one The former Chelsea midfielder said he witnessed ‘culture shock’ during his two years stint in the…

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My goal against Nigeria the best, Robero Baggio

Roberto Baggio: My goal against Nigeria the best

Roberto Baggio, the man of many beautiful goals described his goal against Nigeria as the best of his career. At the mention of the name ‘Roberto Baggio,’ there you have…

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Chelsea FC

(10km Offside) Chelsea Confirm Players Have Just Left Etihad Dressing Room

The Italian manager had apparently locked the squad in the away dressing room in Manchester for three days

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UEFA Champions League

Spotkick’s Alternative Awards of the Month: January

Who were the real winners from January?

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