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FIFA World Cup 2018: Reviewing the Predictions

Waiter: So, what are you having?

Spotkick: Errr… A huge slice of humble pie. Along with some egg to throw on our faces.

That’s right. Before the World Cup began, we lot here were so confident, our predictions so well thought-out, like we were Clifford Devoe in Season Four of CW’s The Flash. We did say come back to tell us how stupid our pre-tournament would be in a month’s time.

Who will win the World Cup?

This was the first question posed, and of course we bullishly laid out our supposed winners. Shehu Idris went with Portugal, and asked us not to ask him to explain. Portugal went out in the last 16, we still won’t ask Idris to explain.

‘For the good of the game, the whole should support Argentina winning the World Cup’. ‘…a team that has Lionel Messi going into any tournament stands a very good chance of winning it’. Ola Fadahunsi’s words were so profound then, by Argentina’s second game they seemed so illogical. La Albiceleste were lucky to even get past their group, and met their match in the first knockout round.

I went with France, who did turn out to win the tournament. There was scepticism in my prediction, which I’ll now smugly classify as humble and brilliant foresight. This self-lauding will cancel itself out soon.

Who will win the Golden Boot?

‘I feel Cristiano Ronaldo will win this’. Ronaldo started like a house on fire, with four goals in the first two games, but wouldn’t score again. Sorry, Idris.

‘Let’s not kid ourselves, it’s Thomas Muller’. Muller didn’t score a single goal as Germany went out after three games. Told you that self-lauding will cancel itself out.

‘Giroud has always proven himself in front of goal for Les Bleus’. Fadahunsi said as he predicted one of Olivier Giroud or Lionel Messi to finish top scorer. Giroud played seven games for France, without a single shot on target. Messi scored once. Oi vei.

Golden Ball Winner

Idris saw it in his dreams that pint-sized, fleet-footed magician Bernardo Silva would cart away with the golden ball. Tip, don’t gamble on the word from Idris’ dreams.

‘I’m going with David Silva, because no one else did’, that’s what I said. I’ve seen why no one else did.

Fadahunsi went with Messi. Is he secretly Argentine?

Which team will surprise?

‘These boys will stun the world’. Which boys? Saudi Arabia. Who said they’d stun the world? Yes, Idris. Let’s just move on.

‘One African team’ Fadahunsi said. He opted for Senegal, all five from the continent didn’t last more than three games.

‘Watch this space: Egypt top Group A and beat Portugal in the round of 16’, I said. Egypt lost all three games. Delete this space.

Which star will flop?

‘Does Alex Iwobi count as a star?, Idris asked. We’ll leave you to decide.

‘Paul Pogba. Enough said’. Fadahunsi really should have said more.

‘Cristiano Ronaldo, I call you out here’. I think he heard me.

Nigeria’s World Cup chances?

The general consensus was that we wouldn’t make it past the group stage. At least we got that one right.


Long version: At least we have Nigeria’s early exit as a form of vindication, plus I got France winning the World Cup. No one gets predictions right, and we are no different.

Short version: We are simply idiots.


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